X-Digital Systems Uses Blackfin Processor to Stream Audio Into Hotels and Apartment Buildings

Power and performance of Blackfin processor enables manufacturer of broadcast transmission systems to stream up to 384 digital audio channels for customers in multi-dwelling units

NORWOOD, Mass., September 26, 2006 --Analog Devices, Inc. (NYSE: ADI), a global leader in high-performance semiconductors for signal processing applications, today announced that X-Digital Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of broadcast transmission systems, is using ADI's Blackfin(R) processor in its integrated satellite receiver with FM modulator. Using the Blackfin processor, X-Digital is offering a product that allows satellite operators to stream digital audio to a largely untapped market - multi-dwelling units (MDUs), such as hotels and apartment complexes. X-Digital's satellite receiver converts digital satellite signals to FM analog signals that can be picked up by standard consumer audio receivers.

X-Digital's MSL384 satellite receiver provides streaming digital audio using the ADSP-BF531 Blackfin processor as a high-density MPEG 1 Layer 2 Audio decoder. Each receiver employs 48 Blackfin processors to decode 384 MPEG 1 Layer 2 Audio streams. Because of the high volumes needed for each receiver, X-Digital requires a low-cost yet robust processor. The Blackfin processor addresses the cost concerns, and its processing power - each processor handles eight MPEG 1 Layer 2 Audio streams - combined with its Visual DSP++(R) 4.0 kernel make the Blackfin processor an ideal solution for X-Digital.

The MLS384 satellite receiver also uses Analog Devices' high-performance analog technology. ADI's AD9726 TxDAC(R) is a 16-bit, 400 MSPS transmit digital-to-analog converter (DAC) that enables the transmission and modulation of 384 audio channels to a COAX network inside a MDU. Also designed into the MLS384 are ADI's ADT7476A for system monitoring and fan control, the ADT75A digital temperature sensor for thermal monitoring, the ADL5330 VGA for cable line driving, and the AD5601 nanoDAC(R) digital-to-analog converter for gain control.

"With the MLS384, X-Digital is taking aim at the MDU audio services market. Because each Blackfin enables us to process multiple digital audio signals, X-Digital is able to leverage the MLS384 for the high density and low power needed in the MDU market," said Ian Lerner, President, X-Digital Systems, Inc. "In the past, carriers have lost out on this market because of their inability to provide satellite dish installs to every apartment. Analog Devices' Blackfin has helped us bring to market a product that makes it possible to deliver digital audio through a consumer-grade FM receiver using existing COAX cable infrastructure."

"The Blackfin processor is at the center of delivering audio and video to the evolving digital home. Companies like X-Digital are broadening the definition of the digital home by developing new and innovative technologies to deliver digital audio to today's consumer," said John Croteau, General Manager, Convergent Platforms and Services Group, Analog Devices.

A Convergent Future Demands Blackfin-Class Processing

Analog Devices' Blackfin(R) embodies a new breed of 16/32-bit embedded processor with the industry's highest performance and power efficiency for applications where a convergence of capabilities - multi-format audio, video, voice and image processing; multi-mode baseband and packet processing; and real-time security and control processing - are critical. It is this powerful combination of software flexibility and scalability that has gained Blackfin widespread adoption in convergent applications such as digital home entertainment; networked and streaming media; automotive telematics and infotainment; and digital radio and mobile TV.

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