SNAP12 Optical FPGA Card™

Conduant Corporation

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SNAP12 Optical FPGA input/output board from Conduant is available for a wide variety of high-speed optical PCI-Express applications


  • Xilinx® Virtex 6™ field programmable gate array (FPGA) for connecting ports and devices
  • performance rates up to 5 Gigabytes (GB) per second for 12 lanes in and 12 out simultaneously
  • 8 GB of high-speed DDR3 SDRAM
  • • SNAP12 optical transmitters and receivers up to 3.3 Gb/s per channel, 850 nm, (5.0 Gb/s optional)
  • • Xilinx eFUSE or battery-backed 256-bit AES bitstream encryption
  • code blocks for supporting the PCI Express interface and memory management (deep RAM)

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