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ELinOS is a comprehensive development environment for embedded Linux software development


  • Unlike traditional Linux distributions, SYSGO's ELinOS is purpose-built for use in demanding industrial applications
  • SYSGO brings 15+ years of field expertise to make an embedded Linux offering well suited for real-world complex applications, and to back it up with world-class support
  • Many BSPs corresponding to the most successful boards on the market are included as well as BSPs for virtualization engines such as QEMU and VMware, or for the other SYSGO flagship product PikeOS
  • The new 5.0 version brings the following improvements
  • Integration of kernel 2.6.27, introducing improved response time / lower latency, improved power management, improved support for dual-core and hyperthreading on x86, support for virtualization, foundation for real-time, much improved wireless networking support, many new drivers, support for user-space drivers (UIO), in-kernel CAN support, kernel debugger (KGDB), new flash file system (UBIFS)
  • Version 3.0 of CODEO, the eclipse based development environment that provides guided configuration, remote debugging, target monitoring, remote application deployment, and timing analyses; this new release in particular allows the user to keep his preinstalled Eclipse (3.4) version and just add the CODEO plugins
  • Improved version of the target configuration tool ELK
  • Security features like integrated rules based firewall, restrict execution to digitally signed binaries only, secure remote shell access, VPN (StrongSWAN, OpenVPN)
  • More than 200 precompiled target packages such as glibc2.7, binutils2.18, gcc4.3.3, BusyBox, XOrg7.3, Mesa7.4, QT 4.5, QT-embedded 4.5, GTK+ 2.12.11, OpenSSH, Lighttpd, and many more
  • Xenomai 2.4.x support for x86, PowerPC and ARM platforms
  • Brand new support of Adobe? Flash? Lite?
  • The five families of supported processors are the x86, PowerPC, ARM, SH and MIPS
  • ELinOS 5.0 is available for Linux and Windows hosted platforms

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