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  • Virtex-4 FPGAs for highest performance DSP
  • Up to 512, 500 MHz
  • XtremeDSP Slices (18 x 18 multiply, 48-bit add)\
  • Virtex-4 for lowest power per channel ? each XtremeDSP Slice consumes only 2.3 mW per 100 MHz
  • Virtex-4 for lowest cost for high-performance DSP
  • Spartan-3/3E for lowest cost FPGA-based DSP
  • Spartan-3/3E for DSP performance acceleration in consumer/automotive applications ? Up to 104, 18 x 18 200+ MHz 18 x 18 multipliers
  • XtremeDSP development tools to cater for hardware and nonhardware designers that prefer to use MATLAB/Simulink
  • More than 60 XtremeDSP algorithms available from Xilinx and partners to help you finish first
  • Multiple XtremeDSP development platforms available for standalone FPGA design or DSP coprocessing
  • XtremeDSP education classes help you become proficient in the XtremeDSP design flow and design implementation techniques
  • Award-winning technical support

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