Embest ATEB9200 EVB


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Embest ATEB9200 Evaluation Board is based on Atmel's AT91RM9200 ARM9 microcontroller running at 180 MHz


  • The board itself is provided with plenty of example programs
  • It is a complete Linux development environment that includes all the necessary hardware and software to allow embedded engineers to achieve fast result and reap the benefit of the open source software. Due to the extensive on-chip functions, CPU-intensive applications requiring low power consumption can be realized at low cost
  • Typical applications are POS (Point-of-Sale), medical system, and industrial automation requiring Ethernet and USB
  • Users can fully take use of it for evaluation, development, and applications
  • Software examples
  • Documents (user manual, circuit schematic drawing, datasheet, footprint)
  • Embest products references
  • Related development tools
  • ATMEL related material (the materials from Atmel CD-ROM)
  • Linux source code, compiled Linux kernel and file system
  • Uboot source code and compiled Uboot kernel
  • Linux cross-compiling tool
  • Tftp server tool
  • Configuration files for Embest Emulator flash program

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