Traquair Data Systems, Inc.

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Multi-channel analog interfaces with a user-programmable Spartan-IIE or Virtex-II FPGA, providing developers with the means to implement FPGA-based digital signal processing solutions


  • Can be used as stand-alone devices with the user-programmable FPGA responsible for supporting all signal processing functionality, or as daughtercards to micro-line DSP/FPGA boards
  • A variety of multi-channel A/D/A configurations are supported: 2-channel 14-bit A/D/A with ADC sample rates up to 65 MSps; 4-channel 16-bit A/D/A with ADC sample rates up to 2.5 MSps; 12-channel A/D/A with ADC sample rates up to 250 KSps
  • If the capabilities of a Texas Instruments TMS320C6000 DSP processor are required, an ORS-11x board can be fitted as a daughtercard to a TMS320C6000-based micro-line embedded DSP/FPGA board
  • micro-line embedded DSP/FPGA boards combine the latest TMS320C6713 floating point and TMS320C64xx integer DSP processors with user-programmable high density FPGAs, in small, cost-optimized configurations
  • VHDL FPGA programming packages are available for all ORS-11x board configurations, allowing users to implement custom logic or processing algorithms
  • Support for Xilinx System Generator for DSP and Matlab Simulink is also being introduced, and is already available as an option for the ORS-114
  • System Generator for DSP, the Simulink add-on from Xilinx, takes a graphical approach to algorithmic design and extends Simulink for FPGA development

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