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Airbee-ZNS, the ZigBee-ready protocol stack software is designed for maximum portability among various 802.15.4 radios and a host of microcontrollers


  • Physical Layer ? The PHY layer bridges the rest of the stack components to the transceiver (RF) hardware, handles real-time hardware events such as interrupts, and manages the transmission and reception functions pertaining to the RF and the microcontroller as required by the upper layers. Timer and clock services, which collectively form the heart-beat of the system, are generated, managed and supplied to the entire system from the PHY layer; the PHY layer interfaces with peripheral and application devices
  • Media Access Control (MAC) layer ? The MAC sublayer provides the interface between the Network Layer and the PHY layer
  • Essential features of MAC sublayer are beacon management, channel access through slotted/unslotted CSMA mechanism, and guaranteed time slots (GTS) management
  • The MAC sublayer provides frame validation, association, disassociation, and a reliable data delivery scheme
  • Airbee-ZMAC provides feature extensions that improve communications efficiency and lower power requirement in the network, among other advantages. For example, broadcasting for the device discovery and route discovery processes is made more efficient by using the MAC and PHY layer capabilities of adjusting the transmitting power of a node, rather than using a constant power for all communication
  • Network layer ? Responsibilities of the ZigBee network layer include mechanisms used to associate to and disassociate from a network, apply security to outgoing frames, and routing frames to intended destinations
  • Airbee-ZNS network layer accommodates numerous feature extensions, some of which are additional features and others that are articulated interpretive solutions to scenarios that are not directly specified in the ZigBee specifications
  • Efficient address allocation mechanism optimizes routing tables and reduces memory requirements.

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