Daintree SNA

Daintree Networks

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Understand and troubleshoot networks and devices with visual analysis of devices joining, routing behavior, and application binding
Daintree SNA


  • Visualize endpoints and bindings to rapidly determine application behavior
  • Observe all transactions and identify correct bindings
  • Select any visual object such as a device, route, or binding, and show all packets associated with that object
  • Drill down to access every field of every packet from every device
  • Use filters to narrow your search and quickly find packets of interest from among thousands or millions
  • Save and replay your network at original (or faster) speeds, pause, step, or fast forward
  • Insert breakpoints at events of interest
  • Obtain performance measurements for every device, route, and application binding in the network
  • Determine performance with critical metrics such as packet counts and losses and min/avg/max end-to-end latencies
  • Commission key startup parameters such as Extended PAN ID, channel, and security using standards-based over-the-air commands
  • Use binding and group commissioning to establish control paths between devices
  • Store binding and group details in devices or tables
  • Scan live networks to discover their overall structure
  • Discover ambient energy levels and active services on endpoints of any device

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