ITT Interconnect Solutions

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Developed originally for mass transit applications, the ITT Interconnect Solutions VEAM junction box assembly contains a complete harnessing system for in- and inter-vehicle electrical connections
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  • Suitable for light-duty military applications that don't call for 38999-style screw-on cable assemblies
  • Includes terminal blocks, cables, and other electrical components designed to provide signal and power
  • Though each implementation is a custom solution, the target types of functions include control switchboards, CCTV equipment, inter-vehicle comms, power and signal, and motor supplies up to 660 A
  • Approved to IP66 standards (Ingress Protection, wet conditions), contacts are rated to 400 A
  • Shells and contacts come in a wide variety of configurations
  • Available in either standard or harsh environment versions
  • Complete systems can be tested to meet specific electrical, shock, and vibration specs

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