Linux 3.0

Wind River Systems, Inc.

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Wind River Linux is the standard commercial-grade Linux operating system for embedded device development


  • Based on Linux kernel 2.6.27 and GCC 4.3.2, Wind River Linux 3.0 provides a flexible and pervasive development environment
  • This release offers more than 500 software packages, virtualization based on Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM), and multicore offload capabilities, allowing customers to utilize the potential of modern multicore hardware
  • Wind River Linux is a complete, fully tested, and validated distribution, allowing device software developers to achieve more with fewer resources
  • It comes integrated with the Eclipse-based Wind River Workbench development suite and is backed by award-winning 24/7 global technical support and professional services
  • 2.6.27 Linux kernel (provided in Git repository format)
  • GCC 4.3.2 toolchain
  • More than 500 software packages, including, GTK+, GNOME, Gstreamer, or OpenGL
  • 64-bit user/kernel space application and tools support
  • Linux Distribution Assembly Tool (LDAT), an integrated, open, cross-architecture build environment with layer technology for efficient code and build management
  • PREEMPT real-time extensions, including real-time capabilities for CGL 4.0-compliant systems and (optional) Wind River Real-Time Core for Linux for guaranteed interrupt response
  • Integrated KVM, a full virtualization solution for Linux on hardware containing virtualization extensions (such as Intel VT or AMD-V), and the upcoming Wind River hypervisor product
  • CGL 4.0 compliance to meet the availability, scalability, manageability, reliability, and performance needs of networking and telecommunications equipment manufacturers
  • New hardware architecture support: Sun Microsystems UltraSPARC T2
  • Integrated Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) for access control, process separation, and protection against malicious processes
  • Reduced root file system footprint for flash memory constrained devices
  • Accelerated kernel boot time for ?instant-on? capability
  • Wind River Workbench development suite: Eclipse-based development environment; Wind River Workbench, On-Chip Debugging Edition (optional; IPL Cantata++ for Workbench, unit and integration testing (optional); Wind River device management (optional); Wind River Test Management, testing automation software; Wind River Field Diagnostics, remote device support tools
  • Wind River Network Management SDK for Wind River Linux 3.0 (optional)
  • Support by upcoming release of Wind River's newly acquired Tilcon Graphics Suite to enable advanced, graphical user interfaces for Linux-based devices
  • Broad support of development host systems, including Fedora, Ubuntu, openSUSE, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop, Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop, Sun Solaris, and Windows XP and Vista

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