VLX Mobile Virtualization Software

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Iím big on the ARM Cortex-A15 MPCore processor, as you can probably tell. But Iím sure a lot of you are wondering how it can help designers today, considering that itís not going to be here for awhile. The challenge in the embedded industry is to pick the right technology and tools to be ready when the time comes, which sometimes is a year or two away. Long story short, the Cortex-A15 is fully simulated now, and both Open Kernel Labs (OKL) and VirtualLogix (recently acquired by Red Bend Software) were among the first to announce immediate support for the simulator. OKLís OKL4 Microvisor and Red Bendís VLX mobile virtualization software are supporting Cortex-A15 processor capabilities, including hardware-assisted virtualization, 40-bit addressing, and the latest ARMv7-A instruction set.
VLX Mobile Virtualization Software


  • Supports Cortex-A15 processor capabilities, including:
  • Hardware-assisted
  • 40-bit addressing
  • The latest ARMv7-A instruction set

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