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Embvue recently released a new version of its functional system testing tool Generator which creates Test Cases & Test Procedures automatically from Requirements. Generator Automated Requirements-based Functional Systems Testing Tool Suite Available in both a single seat and enterprise edition, Embvue Generator tool suite is a scalable platform for automating and managing the testing, verification, validation and certification activities for embedded electronic systems. Embvue Generator tool suite enables you to implement a completely automated testing and quality management infrastructure, establish consistent, repeatable processes for automatically creating Test Cases & Test Procedures directly from your requirements, generate output documents, and execute tests directly on your test harness. Generator takes as inputs the System Requirement Specifications (SRS) and the Interface Control Document (ICD) for a given project and automatically generates a set of Test Cases and Test Procedures. Key benefits


  • Automatically generate Test Cases and Test Procedures directly from requirements
  • Eliminate incorrect tests
  • Eliminate incomplete / missing tests
  • Eliminate redundant tests
  • Assess new or changed requirements testability
  • Find more inherent defects earlier in your development cycle
  • Save 40% or more on requirements-based testing costsGenerator is of enormous value since it is focused on improving the quality of embedded electronic systems while reducing the cost of integration, testing, verification and certification of those systems.Please visit for more information.

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