Enea Embedded Technology

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A real-time operating system that supports Texas Instrument's TMS320C54x, TMS320C55x, and TMS320C64x families, as well as StarCore's SC140 families of DSPs


  • eXpressDSP compatible
  • Allows seamless integration of distributed telecom systems which also contain PowerPC and ARM processors
  • Uses message passing as the primary method of interprocess communication
  • Link Handler achieves a zero-copy message transaction using shared memory interface between cores
  • Power Management API controls power dissipation and extends battery life
  • Illuminator enables simultaneous debugging of heterogeneous multi-core or single core systems
  • Soft kernel and soft link handlers configurable to simulate multi-core systems
  • Source code debugger integrates with Green Hills' MULTI 2000, Metrowerks' CodeWarrior, and Agere Systems' LuxWorks
  • Support for Motorola and Agere development boards
  • Developed for telecommunications industry, also used in wireless, automotive, and industrial control products

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