5 Inicore, Inc. products found
2010 / November
VMESCmodulefrom Inicore, Inc.
VME System Controller Module with slave and master capabilities ...

    2008 / October
    VME64M Master Contrfrom Inicore, Inc.
    VME64M master controller for use in FPGAs/ASICs ...

      2004 / August
      iniCPUfrom Inicore, Inc.
      A software-compatible implementation of the discontinued 6809 processor ...

        2001 / February
        iniDSPfrom Inicore, Inc.
        A 16-bit fixed-point general purpose DSP designed for system-on-chip applications ...

          2000 / November
          iniVMEfrom Inicore, Inc.
          A flexible slave VMEbus controller ...

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