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2014 / November
R-Car V2Hfrom Renesas Electronics Corporation
System-on-a-chip (SoC) implementing state-of-the-art image recognition technology to support high-resolution sur...
  • The R-Car V2H enables embedded system manufacturers to deliver high-resolution surround-view monitoring systems, with multiple cameras, for advanced point-of-view switching.
  • Incorporates the IMR, a core dedicated to viewpoint conversion, the Renesas IMP-X4 image recognition core, and a 3-D graphics core, all of which provide the imaging-related technologies needed to support ADAS requirements on vehicles targeting new government regulations and insurance safety ratings
  • The IMP-X4 image recognition core delivers image recognition processing performance that is approximately eight times that of the earlier Renesas SH7766 and approximately four times that of the R-Car H1

2012 / April
R8C/3xT-A based Capacitive Touch Evaluation Kitfrom Renesas Electronics Corporation
The kit is based on Renesas’ R8C/3xT-A MCUs that feature a specialized hardware block called ...
  • Based on Renesas’ R8C/3xT-A MCUs that feature a special-ized hardware block called the Touch Sensor Control Unit (SCU), which handles touch scanning and processing functions completely independent from the CPU

2011 / April
µPD720201 and µPD720202 host controllers from Renesas Electronics Corporation
SuperSpeed Universal Serial Bus (USB 3.0) xHCI host controllers that feature faster data transfer speeds and red...

    2009 / February
    SH7776from Renesas Electronics Corporation
    Power supply voltage: 1.25 V (internal)/3.3 V, 1.5 V (external) ...

      2006 / November
      LSIfrom Renesas Electronics Corporation
      Microcomputer made up of the H8S/2000 CPU with Renesas Technology's original architecture as its core, and the ...

        2005 / April
        H8S/2168 Series IPMI Microcontrollersfrom Renesas Electronics Corporation
        High performance with low power; typical dissipation is 60 mW operating at 33 MHz and 3.3 V ...

        2003 / October
        R8C/Tinyfrom Renesas Electronics Corporation
        A line of 16-bit Flash microcontrollers ...

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