POS Security That Pays Its Own Way: The rising costs of POS system management and security

Taken together, the dual challenges of , management, and are a giant headache for retailers—and a perfect opportunity for POS vendors. Those that can integrate security controls into their product offerings that demonstrably reduce their vulnerability to compromise, decrease the costs of management, and streamline regulatory compliance will gain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.

From the retailer's perspective, an airtight business case for such controls can be made solely on the basis of lower system management and support costs, provided that the control set in question is a small-footprint solution that effectively locks down the POS system to prevent intrusion or unauthorized change without imposing significant overhead on the system itself, the network, or the IT staff.

This white paper explains an application-independent security solution that turns a potentially vulnerable system built on commercial operating systems (OS) software into an impenetrable black box.

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