Developing Solutions for the Internet of Things

The world is undergoing a dramatic transformation, rapidly transitioning from isolated systems to ubiquitous Internet-enabled ’things’ capable of generating data that can be analyzed to extract valuable information. Commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT), this new reality will enrich everyday life, increase business productivity, improve government efficiency, and the list goes on.

Intel is working with a large community of solution providers to develop IoT solutions for a wide range of organizations and businesses, including industrial, retail, automotive, energy, and healthcare industries. The solutions generate actionable information by running analytic software and services on data that moves between devices and the cloud in a manner that is always secure, manageable, and user-friendly.

Whether connecting a consumer wearable device, vehicle, or factory controller to the Internet, everyone wants it to be quick and seamless. This white paper describes how Intel products and technologies are helping make this a reality by providing fundamental building blocks for a robust ecosystem that is developing end-to-end solutions.

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