Spectrum Signal Processing

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  • A multi-purpose I/O processing engine module
  • Single width Solano-based Enhanced PMC (ePMC)
  • Supports multi-channel, multi-mode receivers for both narrowband and wideband air-interfaces (IS-95 CDMA, GSM, and W-CDMA)
  • Distributed IF architecture supports systems with 4-12 inputs and 32-480 channels/chassis
  • External input/output clock source (using low jitter clock) allows multiple IF antenna inputs to be sampled in a phase-coherent manner
  • Three Virtex FPGA devices, each providing up to 600,000 gates
  • PCI host bus interface supports 32 bits, 33 MHz
  • Module front panel I/O interface module supports a variety of I/O formats
  • FlexComm software radio library and device driver support
  • JTAG connector for Virtex FPGA for compatibility with Xilinx ChipScope debugger

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