Sundance Multiprocessor Technology Ltd.

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  • A development platform for the wireless and telecommunication markets?
  • Two daughtercards (SMT338-VP and SMT390) are sandwiched together on a PCI carrier board
  • ?Two floating-point Ti TMS320C6713 processors at 225 MHz
  • ?Xilinx Virtex-II Pro (2VP30) FPGA with two IBM 400-MHz PowerPC processors and eight 3.125-Gbps, full-duplex serial links
  • ?256 MB of SDRAM for the TI DSP and 128 MB for the Xilinx FPGA
  • ?8-MB Flash ROM for boot code FPGA configuration and standalone applications
  • ?Two high-speed and high-bandwidth Sundance High-Speed Buses (SHB)
  • ?Two 12-bit high-speed analog-to-digital converters sampling up to 210 MHz

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