The Fanfare Group, Inc.

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With rising product complexity and global competitive pressure to shorten product release cycles, QA organizations are struggling to do more in a shorter amount of time with the same or fewer resources


  • Tools are needed to break the QA backlog by radically simplifying and accelerating test automation. With FanfareSVT, testing activities that used to take weeks or months can now be performed in hours or minutes at the push of a button
  • FanfareSVT is the first commercially developed test automation software for validating high-tech equipment functionality
  • Test cases are easily reused and ported to new devices, freeing up QA teams to focus on increasing test coverage and improving time to market
  • FanfareSVT is built specifically for functional, stress, and load testing equipment and systems accessed through command line interfaces, embedded Web interfaces, and any device that can be controlled through Tcl
  • FanfareSVT easily integrates with existing in-house QA systems including regression testing infrastructures, commercial test equipment, and bug tracking systems

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