Synergy Platform

Renesas Electronics Corporation

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Integrates qualified software with a new family of MCUs and an ecosystem of tools and support options into one scalable and secure platform
Synergy Platform
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  • Includes RTOS, communication stacks (TCP/IP, USB), file systems, graphic user interfaces and their associated development tools
  • The Renesas Synergy Software Package (SSP) includes Express Logic’s X-Ware™. X-Ware includes the premier ThreadX® real time operating system (RTOS) plus X-Ware middleware NetX™ and NetX DUO™ IPV4 and IPv4/IPV6 TCP/IP stacks respectively, USBX™ USB Host/Device/OTG protocol stack, FileX® MS-DOS compatible file system and GUIX™ graphics runtime library
  • Scalable MCU family that spans a wide spectrum of performance, power usage, safety, security, cryptography, connectivity, and graphics capabilities
  • The Renesas Synergy Platform’s Eclipse-based integrated solution development environment (ISDE) is available with C compilers from GNU and IAR Systems. Also available are Express Logic’s Windows® based GUIX™ Studio graphic user interface prototyping tool and TraceX® real-time event graphical analysis tool

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