Fanless 1GHz SBC

WinSystems, Inc.

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The EBC-855-G-1G-0 is a highly integrated, low cost ($595), EBX single board computer designed for rugged, performance driven applications. It operates over a temperature range of -40 C to +70 C without a fan and is designed for applications including industrial automation, security, medical/diagnostic equipment, MIL/COTS, test and measurement, and transportation
Fanless 1GHz SBC


  • Includes support for both wired and wireless Ethernet (with remote boot capability), simultaneous support of both SVGA and LVDS flat panel video, four USB 2.0 ports, four serial COM ports, AC97 audio, PS/2 keyboard, LPT, and 48-lines of digital I/O
  • Supports a maximum of 1 GB of industry-standard PC2700 SDRAM, up to 8 GB of CompactFlash, plus support for hard and floppy disk drives
  • PC/104 and PC/104-Plus expansion is supported for additional special I/O requirements
  • The board supports Windows XP embedded, Linux, and other x86-compatible RTOS
  • Requires only +5 V and typically draws 2.1 Amps with 1 Gb of DDR SDRAM installed
  • A 1.8 GHz Pentium M version is also available

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