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Micrium's vision is to provide the highest-quality embedded software components in industry, in the form of engineer-friendly source code with unsurpassed documentation and customer support. Micrium's products consistently deliver on that vision to shorten time-to-market throughout all product development cycles
Embedded Software


  • Micrium's world-renowned real-time operating system, the Micrium uC/OS-II was the first product to embrace this vision. The company's flagship product, it features the highest-quality source code available for today's embedded market
  • Today, Micrium delivers to the embedded marketplace a full portfolio of embedded software components that complement uC/OS-II. A TCP/IP stack, USB Device, Host and OnTheGo stack, CAN stack, File System (FS), Graphical User Interface (GUI), as well as many other high quality embedded components are now available
  • Micrium has also brought to market the uC/Probe universal embedded systems monitoring tool. This award-winning product enables embedded developers to monitor embedded systems in a live environment allowing them to see the internals of a running embedded application
  • The development process at Micrium enforces strict coding standards, code reviews and clear and concise documentation. This process was instrumental in creating a Validation Suite? for uC/OS-II that provides all documentation necessary to deliver uC/OS-II as a pre-certifiable software component for such safety critical systems as avionics RTCA DO-178B and EUROCAE ED-12B; medical FDA 510(k); and IEC 61058 standard for transportation and nuclear systems
  • Micrium's uC/OS-II is certified for the highest criticality systems. Even when products under development are not safety critical, the certifications represent proof points that Micrium's uC/OS-II is the most robust and reliable RTOS available

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