First LoRa+BLE wireless module for IoT

Laird Technologies

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Laird has introduced a new line of wireless modules that integrate long-range LoRa technology and short-range BLE technology for the first time in a commercial solution, giving companies the ability to create longer-range EIoT systems than previously possible with a single module. The RM1xx product family enables companies to dramatically expand the locations where IoT can be deployed by using the combination of long-range LoRa wireless technology and ultra low-power BLE technology integrated in the same module.
First LoRa+BLE wireless module for IoT
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  • can transmit and receive data wirelessly between IoT deployments and gateways up to 10 miles apart (or longer with relays)
  • Integrating BLE with LoRa enables companies to deploy IoT networks that can go nearly anywhere, utilizing BLE for short-range, low-power connectivity between wireless devices while taking advantage of LoRa for communications over distance
  • In an industrial setting, for example, the RM1xx can monitor sensors on water, fuel, and chemical tanks throughout a facility via wireless low-power BLE technology or any traditional I/O connections
  • It can then aggregate and relay that information back to a central server via LoRa, alerting plant managers to dangerous tank levels before an outage or catastrophe occurs.

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